Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Solve two problems at once!

Okay, people, listen up.  Here's another Simple Solution to not one, but two Complex Problems!  I can't take all the credit for it: I must share it with the blogger who proposed to arm the toddlers so as to reduce the death toll when kindergartens are attacked.

Arm the blastocysts!

Solves the abortion problem and the dreadful lack-of-guns problem!

With today's advanced microgenetics technology, clearly there's no good reason we can't modify the spermatozoon to deliver advanced defense technology to the egg along with the father's DNA.  Think of it: we empower the zygote to decide for itself whether it wants to come to term.  If it senses an impending dilation and curettage, it could go with the flow, or take arms against a sea of consequences.

Also, think of the profits we could make on the ensuing arms race. Better nanomissiles for the blastocyst, better defenses for the OB/GYN, and round and round we go.

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Nan Silvernail said...

Brilliant, but too sinister. I shouldn't have introduced you to DARK MATTERS. It's rubbing off on you!